Very best Get – SNL Highlight

Two Very best Get staff are explained to they won’t be able to work on Black Friday so they take it out on their coworkers. Subscribe for much more:

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Very best Get – SNL Highlight

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19 thoughts on “Very best Get – SNL Highlight

  1. I think it's time for SNL to hang it up.  After not watching it for years I just perused some of the recent sketches.  It seems like they are trying to compensate for weak writing with overly exaggerated delivery.  It's not working.

  2. I have isolated why this is not funny. Although I commiserate with the cast for going thru it and trying, I think it is essential to note that the primary players seem to be fully engaged with the cue cards and not the actual people they are yelling at. And I am not that old but I swear high definition Tv makes things unfunny. Why?

  3. Saw a picture on face book of the scene where he says "Why do you always look like you just freshly murdered someone?" And i thought it was HILARIOUS, but after seeing the actual video, this is my new favorite thing in the universe.

  4. Best Buy offered me a $20 extended warranty on a $49 Kindle Fire Tablet. I laughed and told the cashier it should be $5 on a fifty dollar product, not half of the cost of the product. She laughed and said, "I agree but I have to offer it."

    SNL should do a skit where a cashier is offering extended warranties on products for twice the cost of the product they are buying. Like $600 for an extended warranty on a $299 forty inch TV.

    A couple years back, I went into Best Buy and picked up three identical laptops. They were for our family, but they didn't know. When they offered me extended warranties on them, I declined and explained that the first laptop was for me and I was forgoing extended warranties and buying two extra laptops instead. 

    This way if my first laptop breaks or malfunctions, I was going to open the second one and when it broke, I would open the third laptop. The sales person and cashier just stood there looking at me. I told them, why pay $1200 for one laptop and then pay for an extended warranty, when I could buy three $349 laptops and get a better guaranty of years of use out of them. I could tell they thought I was serious.

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