The Slap – Part 2 Intro

I’am not proprietor of this online video. I’am just re-uploading it to YouTube.
The proprietor is Logan Wade :

This is from the trailer of The Slap Aspect two. A man identified as Larry is slapping absolutely everyone soon after he was pissed off on his son Noah.

48 thoughts on “The Slap – Part 2 Intro

  1. I see this and i only can say: "Remember those times where Parents instead of Doctors, psychologists and other fixed (more or less xD) their sons with just a Slap?"

    Then i say, "if you can't remember it.. it's because you been Slapped"

    "Slap them, for a better future, or at least one not too bad" lol xD sometimes works.. most of the times.

  2. I bet when the cops shoot the guy slaps the bullet,even a missile,or North Korea's nuke.Or something else that he could slap?

  3. The man slapping: Putin
    The first kid he slapped: ISIS
    Everyone else trying to tell him he cant do that: all nations in the United Nations (U.S, U.K, France ect)

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