The Most Sexist Ad of All Time – Goodyear Polyglass

“Just look at the way she drives—all confused and overwhelmed and driving into potholes. What a useless and stupid woman!” –

I do not own this ad, it’s 50 years old, I’m claiming fair use.

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19 thoughts on “The Most Sexist Ad of All Time – Goodyear Polyglass

  1. Now women have cell phones so this isn't a problem but there is still the possibility of her being somewhere she can't get a signal and then what, does today's women want to ruin her nails, hose and heels while trying to jack up her boyfriends 2 ton SUV and try to unstick those rusty bolts to wrestle that big heavy dirty tire off? Oh yeah, this isn't an issue with today's Women..Ha !

  2. I called Discount Tire and Big O, but they don't carry these tires. Does anyone know where I can buy them? I need to get some new tires for my wife's car.

  3. Most bad drivers the auto insurance companies know are men. hahah just sayin' but in the end everyone is an individual, either you suck at driving and choose to improve, or you suck and choose not to improve; male or female it doesn't matter.

  4. It's funny because they thought they were being so sweet and sensitive, like "women are precious, and we protect them when they drive"… Awful. Really awful. I hope the woman who agreed to this commercial looks back and winces whenever she remembers it.

  5. My guess would be that there is a lack of special awareness. Studies have shown that toys like lego that are marketed towards boys almost exclusively (*see lego friends), actually help people at a young age develop a better sense of space. So I think that could possibly attribute as to why your tire companies research shows women hitting the curb more.

  6. women also have the tendency to hit the curb more. I work for a tire company. we have studied this. women more often scrap the sides of their tires against the curb when parking. not sure why? any guess?

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