Sideshow Bob Campaign Ad

Mayor Quimby even introduced Sideshow Bob -- a gentleman 2 times convicted of tried murder. Can YOU believe in a gentleman like Mayor Quimby? (Vote Sideshow Bob for mayor.)

(High Quality) Famous “Daisy” Attack Ad from 1964 Presidential Election - Attack adverts are absolutely nothing new. The can date as much back as the founding of America and faster. In this 1 Lyndon B. Johnson's information to voters about Barry Goldwater: If you vote for him minor women are gonna get nuked. Conscience of a Conservative - The Route

Best 10 Dumb Factors Claimed by U.S. Politicians

Napoleon once claimed, "In politics, stupidity is not a handicap." These soundbites will not dispel that plan. Sign up for as we depend down our picks for Best 10 Dumb Factors claimed by United States Politicians. Click below to subscribe: or pay a visit to our channel web

Demon Sheep Advertisement! FCINO: Fiscal Conservative In Title Only.

Really don't you just love politics! ) Carly for California unveiled FCINO, exposing Tom Campbell as a Fiscal Conservative In Title Only. Considering that his flip-flop into the Senate race, Campbell has been calling himself a fiscal conservative based on his time as a member of Congress virtually two many years