Deadpool – Gentlemen, Touch Yourself Tonight | 2016

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Ballboys raises awareness and educates the population (not just the fellas) on the information, figures and challenges of testicular cancer. We supply easy obtain to assets and information to any one who is concerned about, or right affected by testicular cancer.
Testicular cancer is a person of the most frequent cancers in young adult males aged 15-49 decades old, but it is the most curable if detected early. Our intention is to educate adult males everywhere on how to check on their own for symptoms of testicular cancer and what to do following if fearful.

Thank you to Testicular Most cancers Awareness Foundation for their self-exam graphic advertising and marketing awareness and the significance of regular self-exams. “Early detection is KEY” For extra information about this illness take a look at

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30 thoughts on “Deadpool – Gentlemen, Touch Yourself Tonight | 2016

  1. Nice, not only is this movie amazing, but they used the marketing to do something good and maybe even saved a few lives in the process. Nothing lightens up the mood on a serious issue like a bit of comedic relief. Definitely going to make time to see it again before it's out of theaters. The whole team deserves every penny. I don't even have testicles and I found this amusing.

  2. I'm a little bit too old for testicular cancer.

    Soon it will be time to start sticking my finger up my ass.

    Think I'll watch another video first …

  3. For anybody watching this who has found a lump or something irregular and don't want to get your balls checked… GET IT CHECKED! Swallow your pride or MAN UP. I just waited a whole month thinking this was all in my head but I finally went to the doctor, got an ultrasound and they think my swollen testicle is "suspicious of cancer". The testicle is coming out next week but I almost didn't get it checked even today but I'm glad I finally did. JUST GET IT DONE!

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