Android: Be Together. Not the same.

Inviting the new child to your lunch desk…opening oneself up to new ideas…having the braveness to increase your thing to the entire world. It’s “moments of And” like these that go every little thing forward.

A few years in the past, we imagined that phones and tablets and watches (and stuff that has not even been invented still) would be way additional attention-grabbing if anyone was invited to visualize, invent, make, or acquire regardless of what they required. So we established Android, and set it out there for anyone.

Since then, all forms of men and women, corporations significant and little, individuals on Kickstarter, young ones in universities, and mad-sensible developers have been innovating quicker, jointly, than any one firm at any time could. And the most effective aspect is…every time somebody new joins in, things get additional attention-grabbing, additional unexpected, and additional great for all of us.

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  1. Hur hur theres homosex in the commervial android is awesome, imma buy it. So if I wanna be successful I just need to add kebab and homosex?

  2. This commercial has made me realize that Google is an awesome company which corrected its mistakes with mobile phones, tablets and many other things (Lollipop is available to show that). I used to admire Apple a time ago, but now I look to Google and I see they've improved for sure.

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