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  1. Extremely funny, but I'd disagree with few points. Kant was wrong on ethics only, but since it was what he was mostly talking about (on par with interesting epistomologics), he's broken in some way.

  2. … cotd. (3). In fact his identification of Euclid's axioms as synthetic paved the way for the acceptance of the legitimacy of their weakening and the discovery of Non-Euclidean geometry, and although it's clear from his writings that the concept never occurred to him directly, he was very careful in his statements about the objective validity of the synthetic a priori.

  3. … cotd. (2). He never claimed that Euclidean geometry had a necessary correspondence with the underlying properties of nature as-she-is, and would have been quite comfortable with the notion of superseding non-euclidean descriptions of phenomena that are close enough to Euclidean at the realms available to our direct experience so as to support our given empirical intuitions.

  4. (1) Kant did *not* say that geometry is necessarily Euclidean, he specifically says that geometry is *not* purely analytic as was thought in his day. He merely holds that the synthetic axioms of Euclidean geometry are a necessary affordance for our experience of space, (and I suppose he implicitly assumed them to be internally consistent).

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